Something old, something new

As the Greenbox team has grown over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to move offices a number of times, and design a new look and feel with each new location.

Greenbox’s new office at 68 Pitt Street Sydney, is double the size of our previous home, and presented the perfect excuse to make a statement about who we are and what we stand for.

We took over a lease with a five-year-old existing fitout. Focused on environmental sustainability, we opted to build on the fitout, rather than have the landlord deliver a vacant floor refurbished back to base building standard.

Our goal to achieve an outstanding environmental solution led to many hours on site with our contractors, work-shopping ways to retain, re-use, refresh and build new around the existing.

The original brief from the Greenbox Directors was, “Give us something that scares us a little and excites us a lot!”. We pushed the design limits in true opposition to the edgy design of our previous office in Bligh Street. The result is a soft, feminine space. It is clean, sleek, and underpinned with a “less is more” approach.

Greenbox has undergone a recent brand refresh, and many design elements, materials and colours were inspired by our new brand palette. Despite not incorporating green as a visual colour, our ‘green’ factor is embodied by the sustainable choices we make every step of the way.

Since the global pandemic, we learnt much about working remotely, and how important it is to come together. One of the key intents in our spatial design process was to create excitement in human interaction and connection. We wanted our days in the office to be intimate and special, so our expansive breakout area houses an oversized dining table to allow the Greenbox family to all eat together.

We also designed with future events in mind, so we can invite clients, consultants, peers and family to reconnect. The front bar area, gallery space, original artworks and surprising styling elements (like dyed leather floor tiles), aim to spark conversation and engage visitors, reminding us all of the importance of coming together in person.

Project details

Client: Greenbox
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Size: 600 sqm

The design phase became a fluid, magical process, uncovering surprising opportunities and creative ideas as the design evolved

"The original brief from the Greenbox Directors was, 'Give us something that scares us a little and excites us a lot!'. "