Supporting Healthcare Innovation

After 20 years of dedication to enhance the health of the Western Sydney community, WentWest afforded itself the opportunity to create a new HQ and secondary Hub. This strategic move is designed to support the ongoing development of their services and to enhance their profile in Western Sydney.

The environments offer an inspiring user experience and adhere to the highest professional standards, further reinforcing WentWest’s leadership position in the primary health care network.

Project details

Client: Wentwest
Location: Westmead + Blacktown, NSW, Australia
Size: 750 sqm + 250 sqm

The HQ is in the new Innovation Quarter (iQ), near Westmead Hospital, in heart of Western Sydney, while the Hub is in Blacktown, part of the new ICTE development.

The design communicates WentWest’s expertise and their commitment to professionalism and innovation, and their respect for the broader community's values.

The workplace embraces new and innovative ways of working and serves to increase WentWest’s visibility and engagement with the broader community.

Greenbox collaborated closely with WentWest to create environments that support their freedom to innovate and reach their potential.