As Greenbox grows we remain true to our view that it is about the people. It is our people who have brought about our success and how they engage with each other, our clients and new Greenboxers.

Our name tells a story that has a few layers and weaves through all that we do.

Green: talks to how we are constantly mindful about our impact on the planet and where we can take action to reduce our environmental footprint. One way that we are doing this is by investing our time and resources into developing a Greenbox Architecture Sustainability Action Plan. We want to enhance the way people live and experience life, while minimising our environmental impact through clever design and fostering a culture of continuous improvement that extends to our consultants, contractors and suppliers.

Box: while it is a framework it is not limiting. We think inside and outside the box and then think about the environment the box is in. Our designs seek to find ways of integrating the inside; the interiors, with the outside; the architecture, of various built spaces or wherever our future client opportunities take us.

Great Place to Work

Exciting news: Greenbox is now officially a Great Place To Work®!

Our people are at the core of our success, and this achievement is a testament to their dedication. We’ve always prioritized our unique company culture, and this certification is proof of our commitment.

According to GPTW, “a great workplace is one where employees trust the people they work for, have pride in the work they do, and enjoy the people they work with. And that experience must be consistent for every employee, no matter who they are, what they do, or where they work”.

Thanks goes to our amazing team for making Greenbox the incredible place it is. Together, we’re creating a workplace that empowers and inspires.

We will always:

Be down to earth. We have our feet firmly planted on the ground, which means we keep it real and remain open minded, approachable, accepting and generous. It’s who we are.

Be curious. There is so much to learn, and we know there is always something new and interesting to discover. We love it.

Inspire. Daily we fuel our passion for what we do and hope to inspire others to think about things differently.

Adapt. We make things happen. We must, it’s our role to solve the complex and adapt to ever changing demands.

Have fun. Our process allows us to think freely leading to great outcomes to solve the often complex problems we are presented with. It’s fun to crack the idea and fun to work with fun people, that includes our clients.

Greenbox Architecture Leadership Team

Designing in 3D

Greenbox designs in 3D always – no matter the size of the project. We use Revit (Architecture) by Autodesk. Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) manager’s passion ensures consistency and continual development for our client’s benefit. Our BIM manager is an active member of the BIM community ensuring Greenbox is always at the forefront of new approaches.

ISO 9001 accredited

We tick the boxes when we need to, and this is one we are proud to share with you. Our Quality Management Systems are ISO 9001 accredited because we wanted to be, and it also supports our clients when they are making the decision on project appointments. The Team’s expertise and experience continually delivers at the highest quality; it’s a part of our DNA.

Operating system

We work in the cloud. Our people are all on thin client laptops and utilize cloud based virtual desktops hosted on our own Australian localised hardware.

Practice management system (PIM)

We use practice management software called PIM (Project Information Management) by Deltek. It is a large, cross-linked database of all our practice and project information. Our clients can rest assured that their data is safely stored and immediately retrievable. The software was built for the special needs of our industry, ensuring that we can collaborate effortlessly across all project data for our clients.

Greenbox’s Code of Conduct outlines the standard of behaviour expected of Team members of Greenbox. It is designed to assist Team members to understand their responsibilities and obligations and provide guidance on expected behaviour in the workplace, or if faced with an ethical dilemma or conflict of interest in their work.

The Code does not seek to encompass all possible scenarios arising in employment with Greenbox, however it provides a set of principles to guide our Teams on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Greenbox supports the introduction of the Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) to drive more transparency in supply chains and to ensure the production of services in Australia have not been exposed to modern slavery. We oppose all forms of slavery and forced labour.

These policies apply to all Team members and contractors of Greenbox.

Greenboxers have access to all our Policies and Systems on PIM.