A lightfilled penthouse space

Greenbox were commissioned by Investa to design and deliver a premium penthouse space in their A-grade CBD building at 135 King Street.

The clean white, sophisticated palette exudes a refined elegance. In a post-Covid world, the light and airy design creates an inviting workspace where employees choose to come to the office rather than work from home.

The boardroom boasts a 6 metre vaulted cathedral-like ceiling space, injected with a theatrical leather-wrapped custom acoustic element.

The breakout area plays host to a custom joinery banquette, alongside clear floor-to-ceiling views of the Domain to the East.

During the initial design phase, Greenbox successfully overcame challenges associated with extensive mechanical make-good and redesign to maximise a clear ceiling space.

Ventilation via an integrated perimeter column features to reticulate supply air along a mid height facade beam, eliminating the need for deep ceiling plenum.

Project details

Client: Forge Venture Management
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Size: 500 sqm

A light and airy design invites employees back to the office environment in a post-Covid world

“A sun-drenched workplace that feels light, airy and expansive."