You will feel immediately comfortable when you meet Neil. We think it’s his
far-ranging background of countries and cultures that he has worked in, that have combined to create an inquisitive person who is incredibly insightful, very engaging and - because of the diverse cultural exposure - he is very attuned to how design can improve and enhance experience and enjoyment. 

The clarity of thought, the measured respectful questioning and contemplative approach, fosters the collaborative way that Greenbox thrives on.

His ability to take the complex and make it simpler, and to understand and guide the Team through Greenbox’s approach, allows the creative process to flourish and that’s the fun part.  

While Neil won’t admit it, he has a lot of fun doing what he does, and loves seeing others enjoying themselves especially when there is that break-through or light bulb moment. 

Neil draws on a wealth of experience gained in various countries and across multiple projects sectors to benefit all our clients' future projects as well as our Team's delivery.

"I have worked in much of the world, including tackling bespoke homes as far afield as the northern lakes of Canada to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. I love the challenge of something different."