What is not missed on Gerard is how invested clients are emotionally as well as financially.

Gerard asks the right questions that quickly demonstrate his 20+ years of experience and that also brings peace of mind because you quickly learn you are in good hands. He has the runs on the board, working at some of the largest and most progressive firms and now brings his insights and problem-solving skills to clearly understand what the Team needs to do because of his ability to craft a clear brief. 

With a love of the outdoors, most of that time on a cycling track somewhere close by, Gerard brings that energy to all that he does and this can be seen in the studio and it permeates throughout the people at Greenbox.  

Gerard can quickly bring focus to what’s needed through his clear communication style. Greenboxers and clients find it refreshing and it always leads to the outcome far surpassing initial expectations. Key to this is Gerard’s openness to new ideas and embracing the Team in the process to find the best solution. 

Gerard is currently a studio leader for the Masters in Architecture course at Sydney University. He is passionate about giving back and enjoys using his skills to help to educate the next generation of architects.

“Working with our clients is fun and needs to remain so for the best project outcome. I enjoy complex puzzles, the ones which make your brain hurt. This for me is the architectural good stuff”