Things can and should be done better. Andrew is driven by his commitment to lifelong learning; continuing to push the status quo and not accepting the normal way. This led to the formation of Greenbox.

Being a dedicated family man comes through in the way the Greenbox Team continue to grow, and the core Team has long tenures just like our clients.

Andrew has a wealth of knowledge and is often sought after to get his thoughts on projects, to solve problems or offer an opinion within the industry. He chooses to work closely with clients and shares his knowledge and insights generously.

Andrew loves meeting people and works right across the broad range of people on projects, from CEOs, consultants to builders, project managers and anyone else involved.

Andrew holds justice and equity high, giving all who he comes across a fair go. This brings about his relaxed approach, allowing him to stay present and focused on those around him and when needed drilling into the detail of a project ensuring the person who will be using or experiencing the space has the best possible experience. It is this level of consideration that has created the Greenbox workplace in which everyone feels safe, respected and supported - leading to a fantastic and enviable Team and culture.

‘Find something that you really love doing. Then you’ll never feel like you’re working a day in your life.’

“You're the boss everyone wishes they had. Your sense of humour and passion for Greenbox and all of us is incredibly inspirational. I am grateful for the wonderful family you have created at Greenbox.”