An increasing reliance on technology in our lives has accelerated the evolution of a new type of energy efficient and resilient data centre. NEXTDC S2 represents this new class of data centre.
Sitting proudly within an urban environment, rather than camouflaged within an industrial estate, this Uptime Tier IV building gives back to the community by its proximity to customers and our innovative design providing sustainable energy-efficient storage and cooling solutions for servers.

In responding to this urban context, the facade integrates a dynamic light installation – a unique form of public art – elevating the data centre design far beyond the paradigm of just a ‘black box’.
Greenbox have established a strong 11-year relationship with NEXTDC delivering eight projects ranging in construction value from $80M to $850M and size from 6,000sqm to 30,000sqm.

Project details

Client: NEXTDC
Location: Macquarie Park, NSW, Australia
Size: 32,800 sqm
Value: $250 million

“Meticulously designed, engineered, and operated to the highest global standards and efficiency ratings, S2 is a prominent and integral landmark, providing unprecedented capability… to thrive in the information age.”

In responding to this urban context, the building provides an activated façade, without compromise to the interior functionality – no longer just a ‘black box’.

“Data centres are at the heart of the digital transformation and the internet of everything. With our increasing reliance on technology - personally and professionally - we created a new breed of robust data centre; its name is NEXTDC S2.”