Equinix SY4

Representing a new era in data centre design, Equinix Syd 4 boldly expresses the functions contained within.

This data centre was awarded LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Silver Certification as all materials, including recycled elements, are LEED certified.

Responding to the site complexities and required setbacks, including an underground rail tunnel, the upper levels cantilever dramatically over the ground floor plane.

Precast concrete, louvres and light weight polycarbonate panels combine to present a dynamic industrial building aligned to Equinix’s key drivers – “innovation, leadership and quality.”

Polycarbonate clad escape stairs provide a visual break on the building exterior - providing a stunning night-time glow from the required emergency lighting.

Tenant workspace, a customer lounge and external landscape areas promote an active street frontage.

Key Areas: data halls, electrical plant rooms, mechanical plant rooms, workspace, workspace shared amenity and customer lounge.

Project details

Client: Equinix
Location: Alexandria, NSW, Australia
Size: 7,000 sqm
Value: $200 million

The façade is cranked at an angle to accommodate the rail tunnel setback requirements of the site and the use of glass allows movement and life within the building to be expressed.