Greenbox @ 25 Bligh


Late last year, it became abundantly clear that our office was at capacity and it was time to find Greenbox a new home. This would be our most important move yet, catapulting us into our next chapter of growth. This move also presented a golden opportunity for the design team. Our previous office, a stunning heritage building with exposed ceilings and floors, was almost easy to make look impressive. Not all our clients are so lucky and we are often called to help make a typical commercial building shine. Our new home would become a showcase to our clients of what is possible in a commercial office without overwhelming expense.

We decided early on that our office vision was to feel like a boutique hotel lobby, although our starting block was far from it. The existing tenancy had offices enclosing the eastern facade and built zones for kitchen, storage and comms against the intertenancy wall. The overall layout had a great advantage of having both western and eastern facing perimeter windows, but existing built zones had narrowed the open plan area. We demolished all the built zones, save the entry point meeting rooms, really opening the floor plate, doubling the sense of space and increasing the access to light. We retained the rich brown timber flooring in the reception and extended it into the breakout space and replaced the aging carpet with a vibrant mottled patterned carpet tile, which laid the foundation for our elegant palette.

We now had the open space and natural light and looked to unify the fitout with elements of elegance and richness to achieve our dream.

The functions of the demolished rooms, still required, were achieved in joinery elements against the intertenancy wall, increasing acoustic privacy. Multiple use spaces were created with a heavy weight fuscia curtain along the length of the tenancy. ‘Blocking’ of materials along the 14 metre overall length was used to visually break the mass and this was an opportunity to create contrasts of colour, material and texture.

We nominated to make this an open lounge, breakout and collaboration area, with joinery and paneling running the length. The design vision was a contiguous element, with various textures and finishes layering on one another. A monolithic metallic box to conceal the built zones, a stone slab for the wet areas, and textured blue fabric for the storage and huddle zone. However, like most of our clients, we needed to consider budget and make our design solutions practical, considering materials that both looked good in a commercial workspace and maintained a functional kitchen.

A bronze-gold finish was a great accompaniment to deep blue painted walls and faceted acoustic drop in ceiling panels. Used to hide our server and our facilities in plain sight, this bronze block set the stage for following overlap of calacutta grey stone slab. Sharknose edging created a clean mitred joint between top and door to emphasize our stone slab intent. This same stone material was also used to re-top the existing boardroom credenza joinery and our own existing boardroom table – now an oversized family dining table – in our breakout.

Elegantly simple furniture and accessory choices added texture and layer to the space; utilizing soft velvets, tantalizing mustards, aubergines and leathers, black and white photography and graceful table lamps, really capturing the essence of the boutique hotel lobby feel.

Greenbox designers have created a stunning showpiece with our new space. Our new home away from home manages to retain all the commercial requirements of an architectural office but not feel like one. The brave choice to remove all walls, install curtains to functionally divide the space and implement smart solutions for working environments means this space will serve us well for many years to come.

  • AREA
    300 SQM
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